Hey there! I'm Carolyn, the maker and devoted dog mama behind Hither Rabbit! I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Tyler School of Art. When I'm not creating you can find me drinking tea with honey and tickling my dog's feet.

After a childhood spent of pleading with my parents to get me a dog, in 2006 I became an "adult" and FINALLY had my dream come true. My dream came in the form of a fuzzy soulmate my husband and I named Windsor. And I fell sooooo much in love. I fell in love with his nose, his little polar bear paw pads, his head smell (weird, I know). I was kinda worried about how much I loved my dog until I realized, EVERYONE is madly in love with their pets!


As seen in

One day, a friend (another new dog mama) asked if I could try making a portrait of her poodle for her. Long story short -I did! I made her a portrait that combined a mix of all the materials I loved in art school...(paints, crayons, fabrics and threads). She loved her portrait so much that I decided to open an Etsy Shop. Since then, I've had the amazing opportunity to work with so many pet moms and dads and cousins who are obsessed with their pets.

From hand-painted portraits to personalized embroidered toys, everything you see in this shop is lovingly handcrafted in our sunny studio in Saint Petersburg, Florida. I'm constantly inspired by the love of my own pup to bring you extra special and one-of-a-kind pet goods for you and your fuzzy friend to enjoy!

So if you smell your dog's head, are obsessed with your cat's toe beans or just LOVE all things furry... WELCOME! You've found your pack of people!