Reminder: Our Prices are Going up...

Hello Everyone!
Just wanted to let you know that we're going to be overhauling our prices starting September 30th.
Pretty much, this means that the prices on just about everything in the shop will be going up! We haven't changed our prices since we first opened our business back in 2013. So it's time to take a good hard look at them and ensure our prices are where we need them to be for the sustainability of our business into the future.
Also a big HUGE thanks to all of you, our amazing customers! Just about a month ago I left my full-time teaching job as an elementary school art teacher to pursue this business. It's because of you and your support that I'm even able to do this. And stay tuned for some wonderful new additions to the shop as we continue to grow!
If you'd like to order something at the current price structure, you've got until the end of the week!
Use code: LASTCHANCE to get an additional 30% OFF any item in the shop from now until September 30th!

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